Frequently asked questions about hazChem registrations in China

Edwin Wen (CIRS)
File Date
  • Q1. Who shall register hazardous chemicals under SAWS’s order 53?
  • Q2. Which chemical products are subject to HazChem registrations?
  • Q3. What information is required for HazChem registrations?
  • Q4. What is the relationship between the Catalog of Hazardous Chemicals and HazChem registrations?
  • Q5. My product contains one ingredient in the Catalog and my product is not classified as hazardous according to GHS criteria because its concentration is below GHS cut-off value, do I need to register this product?
  • Q6. My product is classified as hazardous according to GHS and my customer in China has asked me to provide business sensitive ingredient information to them so that they can register the hazardous chemical product with NRCC. What should I do to keep our composition information confidential while helping our customer comply with SAWS’s order 53?
  • Q7. My company exports many hazardous chemical products to China and all those products contain the same hazardous substance. Shall I register the substance only or every hazardous product?
  • Q8. If our products are classified under GHS but do not contain any hazardous chemicals identified in the Catalog, do we need to register our product?
  • Q9. If our company has registered a hazardous chemical product under the old measures for HazChem registrations, what shall we do now?
  • Q10. How could you help us with HazChem registrations in China?
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